About Me

My attestation work was then handed off to none other than Vitalik himself.
It is was this MPC (multi-party computation) that now provides the root for ALL modern (Phase 2) zero-knowledge ceremonies.
It would be a great privilege to bring SmartBCH into the company of the many great zero-knowledge blockchain communities.
Please don't hesitate to reach to me directly on Twitter or the "official" Reddit sub.

What's Next?

If all goes well here, I'd love to set my sights on BUIDLing a full-fledged privacy wallet. I would extend the work that I've already started with my Nito.Cash web wallet to create something that was envisioned by the great Gavin Andresen himself.
Ideally, this wallet would serve the privacy needs of ALL EVM-compatbile chains.. 🙌 💪